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605 Alamo Road
Fredericksburg, TX 78624


Artist with 4 decades'accomplishment in varied art areas:
     sculpture (wood, bronze, plaster and stone)

Specializes in sculpture and works from living or historical models, producing figurative, conceptual, realistic, or abstract pieces in numerous formats.

Experienced in all aspects of art production - beginning with concept and planning, proceeding through molds and casting, patina application, mounting, and innovative problem solving in every sphere.

Vast background in distinguished historic, government, societal, religious and private commissions.


1968-1970 Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL

Related Work Experience

1987 Complete renovation of bronze Iwo Jima statue, Fredericksburg, TX
1980 Sculpture commission and repairs, Admiral Nimitz State Park, Fredericksburg, TX
1975-1977 Wood Carving and bronze casting, Ford, Powell & Carson, Architects, San Antonio, TX
1977 Sculpture repair, Guzton Borglum, Houston Parks & Recreation
1974 Designing plaster molds, Harold's Plaster Gallery, San Antonio, TX

Cinema, TV, Print

2008 March KSAT TV Presentation of Gordon Parks Sculpture to presidential candidate Barack Obama-sculpture to be donated to DuSable African American History Museum in Chicago, IL
2008 Explore Magazine January artist feature
2005 TV, San Antonio Today, Lou Parker, feature segment
2002 United Press International, coverage of 9/11 commemorative firefighters' mosaic
1999 Spurs World Championship Book, Art Imitates Life, two dimensional images of SA Spurs players—David Robinson and Tim Duncan (the Twin Towers) with a poster of Avery Johnson; images used as stage backdrop for NBA Championship Parade, Arneson River Theatre, City of San Antonio, TX
1995 Feature by Brigette Smith, KSAT TV
1994 Feature done in Spanish by Telemundo
1994 Beamers World feature with Randy Beamer, KMOL TV
1994 Texas Hill Country Reporter, featured by Bob Philips
1994 Buffalo Soldier role in Heaven and Hell: North and South, Book III, TV Miniseries, starring Patrick Swaze and Peter O'Toole. Origin of the San Antonio Buffalo Soldiers, with the first rosters and photographs of reenactments.

Featured Artist

2007 Sculpture exhibition and seminar, George Washington Carver Cultural Center, Austin, TX
2006 February Around the Coyote, sculpture seminar, Bucktown, Chicago
2005 Sculpture seminar, Arts Encounters at the Beninis, Benini Sculpture Ranch, Johnson City, TX
2004 Art After Dark, monthly workshops at studio in downtown Fredericksburg, TX
1998-2005 Von Kuntzler Art Society, Fredericksburg, TX
1996 Fredericksburg Art League
1994 Museum of Modern Art, San Antonio, TX, Bronze Casting demonstration
1991 Sculpture seminar, Instituto de Allende, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
1986 Sculpture seminar, St. Luke's Episcopal School, San Antonio, TX
1977 Sculpture Demonstration, Golden Triangle Links Inc., Beaumont, TX, Mobil Oil Corporation Grant
1976 Teacher in Adult Education (woodcarving), Smithson Valley High School, Smithson Valley, Comal County, TX

Special Recognitions

2004 Commission, bronze bust of Frederick Douglass, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Douglass' North Star Abolitionist newspaper, Rochester Museum of Science, Rochester, NY
1987 Commission, bronze sculpture of Governor Bill Clemmons, Claude Kelly, TX Ranger. Letter of acknowledgement from Gov. Clemmons, Austin, TX
1988 Commission, bronze sculpture of President Ronald Reagan, presented to President Reagan by Congressman Lamar Smith on March 10, 1987, Washington, DC. Letter of acknowledgement from President Reagan
1988 Bronze Sculpture and presentation of Oliver North, Kerrville, TX
1988 Campaign Buttons, George Bush Presidential Campaign
1985 AWARD FOR BEST SCULPTURE, Gettin' On, (17" X 15") San Antonio Ethnic Artists Alliance Artists Exhibit, San Antonio, TX
1972 October Commissioned Sculpture, Expression of Support, ceramic bust of President Richard Nixon. Letter of acknowledgement from President Nixon

Local, Municipal, State, National, Societal and Academic Commissions

2007 Mosaic (8' X 4'), Spurs Basketball Icon, San Antonio Spurs, LLC, on permanent display at Spurs Training Facility, San Antonio, TX
2006 Rosa Parks, life sized bronze bust (25" X 19")
2005-2006 Series of Fallen Soldier War Memorials, Admiral Nimitz Museum, Fredericksburg, TX
2004 Series of 3 bronze sculptures (¼ size) Gordon Parks (8" X 3"), donated to Mercy Health Center, Kansas, with Parks' private collection by his son, David Parks
2003 Fr. John R. Cavanaugh, life sized bronze sculpture (6' X 2.5'), St. John Fisher College, Rochester, NY
2002 Martin Luther King, Jr. bronze bust (8" X 3"), Lavery Library, St. John Fisher College, Rochester, NY
2002 Heidi Search Center for Missing Children, life sized bronze of Heidi Seeman
2000 Children's Respite Care Center, San Antonio, TX, ½ life sized angel (3' X 1.5'); ¼ life sized angel presented to Fully Clingman, President of HEB
1999 Commissioned sculpture, O. T. Baker, presented to Institute of Texan Cultures, San Antonio, TX
1999 3 times life sized sculpture of Frank Tejeda, US Congressman, on permanent display at Frank Tejeda Adams Elementary School, San Antonio, TX
1998 Bronze bust of Walter Umphrey, donated to Baylor University Law Library, Waco, TX by Walter and Sheila Umphrey
1998 Mosaic, Walter and Sheila Umphrey
1995 Commissioned Sculpture of Jose Antonio Navarro, San Antonio Chapter of Sons of Texas, Bonham Chapter
1994 Commissioned Sculpture, John F. Kennedy, Profile in Courage Award (12" X 4"), The Hispanic Chamber, City of San Antonio, TX
1991 Commissioned Sculpture of Henry Cisneros, Mayor of San Antonio, scheduled for permanent exhibit at Bozon Branch Public Library
1991 Sculpture of Martin Luther King, Jr., presented to President Bill Clinton by Henry Cisneros, HUD Director, Washington, DC
1990 Commissioned Sculpture, President George Bush, Craig Fuller, Chief of Staff for President Bush
1985 Sculpture Commission, Bronze bust of D. B. Harteman, LBJ Library, Austin, TX
1985-1986 Glory (14" X 10") one of several Sculpture Commissions, National Black Cowboys of America
1984-1978 Sculpture Commissions, Art Department for the International Society for Krishna Consciousness
1977 Sculpture Commission, carved wooden George Washington Carver bust, George Washington Carver Cultural Center, San Antonio, TX
1977 Sculpture Commission, plaster George Washington Carver bust, subsequently moved to Carver Academy, San Antonio, TX
1976 Wood sculpture in Residence at Prairie View University, Prairie View, TX, arranged by Sol del Rio Gallery, San Antonio, TX
1975 Sculpture Commission, American Cancer Society, San Antonio, TX
1975 Sculpture Commission, Longfellow Middle School, San Antonio, TX

Memorials, Permanent Exhibits

2010 Royal Alexandra Hospitals Foundation, Edmonton, AB, Canada; Devotion, life-sized double bronze bust of William K Robbins and Mary Jo Robbins on terrazzo pedestal, on permanent display in Robbins Pavilion
2010-1986 City of San Antonio, Bexar County annual Humanitarian Award, Commission Martin Luther King Jr., 12" tall, (¼ life-sized bronze bust)
2005 Cutting Horse, commissioned by A.D. Hill, permanent exhibit in Museum of Western Art, Kerrville, TX
1999 Plaster sculpture, Harriet Tubman (27" tall X 16" wide) for Harriet Tubman Award, presented to Columnists John Coleman and Maury Maverick, San Antonio, TX
1995 Korean War Memorial, Municipal Auditorium, San Antonio, TX
1994 Ludwig von Boerne (5' tall X 4'), life sized bronze memorial, seated, Boerne, TX Public Library
1976 Prince Solms Castle, miniature replica, Sophienburg Museum, New Braunfels Chamber of Commerce, New Braunfels, TX
1976 Bronze bust of Prince Solms of Germany (14" X 8" wide), New Braunfels, TX

Sculpture and Mosaic Exhibitions

2009 Samuel Akainyah Gallery, Chicago, IL; Barack Obama Yes We Can mosaic, 29" X 43"
2008 George Washington Carver Museum, San Antonio, TX
2007 George Washington Carver Museum, Austin, TX
1998 New Braunfels Folkfest, New Braunfels, TX
1998 Reunion of Participants with the TX Country Reporter, Dallas, TX
1996 Reunion of Participants with the TX Country Reporter, Dallas, TX
1994 Museum of Modern Art, San Antonio, TX
1991 One Man Show, St. Phillips College, San Antonio, TX
1987 George Washington Carver Cultural Center, San Antonio, TX
1986-1987 Poteet Strawberry Festival, Poteet, TX
1986-1987 San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo, San Antonio, TX
1986 Wilford Hall USAF Hospital, San Antonio, TX
1986 Banks, Lanamore, Barry Goldwater Galeria de la Acecia, San Antonio, TX
1985 Boerne State Bank, Boerne, TX
1984 Luckenbach Sometimes Annual World Fair, Luckenbach, TX
1977 Heritage Exhibit, New Braunfels Wurstfest, New Braunfels, TX
1977 The Landing Yacht Club, Seabrook, TX
1977 Lamar University, Beaumont, TX
1977 Golden Triangle Links Inc., Beaumont, TX, Mobil Oil Corporation Grant
1976 Central Library, City of San Antonio, TX
1976 Allen's Landing Art Exhibition, Houston, TX
1976 Mount Zion Baptist Church, San Antonio, TX
1976, 1977, 1985, 1986 Texas Folk Life Festival, San Antonio, TX
1975 George Washington Carver Library, San Antonio, TX
1975 Mission Art League, San Antonio, TX
1973 Hill Fine Arts Center, Chicago, IL
1973 Oliver Harvey College, Chicago, IL
1970 Ingalls Memorial Hospital, Harvey, IL, sponsored by Prudential Insurance Company, Chicago, IL

Private Commissions (Incomplete list)

2010 The Great Benini, Luminary Sculpture Mosaic; (9' tall, 8' wide, 7' deep); installed at the Benini Sculpture Ranch, Johnson City, TX
2009 William K and Mary Jo Robbins, Houston, TX; Devotion, life-sized double bronze bust on terrazzo pedestal, duplicate on display in Royal Alexandra Hospital, Edmonton, AB, Canada
2008 Mother and Child mosaic (30" X 24"), Sheila Peterson Wright
2008 Emiliano Zapata, bronze bust, private commission (25" X 19")
2007 Saint Padre Pio, mosaic, private commission, Milan, Italy
2006 ½ sized full figure bronze, St. Joseph with Jesus (3' X 1.5"), St. Joseph Catholic Church, Honey Creek, TX
2003 Bronze bust, Travis Bishop, Assistant City Manager, City of San Antonio
2002 Mama Durham, UT Housemother of African American Dormitory, UT, Austin, commissioned by William Bradus
2001 9/11 Commemorative Mosaic, Firefighters
1999 David Robinson, (30" X 15", 3 times life size)
1999 Bronze bust, Victor Salas (17" X 19"), Architect
1999 Two 9 foot tall Hollywood Oscars for Oscar Party hosted by Junior Forum and HEB
1998 Bronze Sculpture of Crucifix, Sisters of Charities Retirement Home, San Antonio, TX
1997 Bronze Bust, Floyd Payne (17" X 19"), art collector, Chicago, IL
1996 John Wayne, full figure (40" X 18")
1995 Bronze sculpture (1 and ½ times life size) of James Dick, Festival Hill, Round Top, TX
1990 Harold Washington, 1st African American mayor of Chicago, bronze bust
1990 Private Commission, bronze bust of Robert Scripps, Chairman of the board of Scripps Howard News Service
1988 Private Commission, bronze bust of Wayne Wright (17" X 19"), Attorney and Developer of The Dominion, San Antonio, TX
1988 Series of ten (10) bronze sculptures of Dance in Motion, Martha Wheelock, Boerne, TX
1988 Bronze sculpture of Sylvia Gilliam, Prima Ballerina Royal London Ballet, London, England
1989 Nat Love (Deadeye Dick) (21" X 10"), Noted African American Cowboy, Private Commission, Floyd Payne
1987 Quanah Parker (33" X 13"), private commission
1986 Bronze bust of Pope John Paul II, on the occasion of his visit to the United States of America


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